How will your organization stand tall in the face of new attacks?

Redifining Advanced Cyber-Threat Protection with Btdefender Next-Gen Technology

2018 Cyber-Threat Landscape

How do attacks gain a foothold on so many devices without triggering detection? Breaches are occurring in record numbers, inflicting losses of $1.7 million per incident. And breaches are set to increase even more rapidly. The main culprit is the fileless attacks.

Discover the biggest security threats in 2018 in Bitdefender’s mid-year cyber-threat review webinar.


Why Conventional Security Fails

65% of companies believe they have appropriate in-house security measures in place,
yet 80% had been victims of a successful cyberattack or breach in the previous year,
according to AT&T 2017 Global State of Cybersecurity. Where does conventional security fail?

  • Traditional security focuses on file scanning

    Will not detect advance attacks, which leverage fileless techniques

  • Conventional security focuses on prevention

    Limited ability to detect, respond or harden the infrastructure

  • Some admins limit security to perimeter defenses

    Endpoint security is essential in uncovering attacks that bypass perimeter defenses

  • Some vendors’ sensors are focused on certain regions

    Sensors are not geographically balanced and therefore ineffective against ‘outside’ threats

  • Using multiple security agent from different providers

    Separate antimalware, exploit or EDR technologies can cause security gaps

  • Admins try to force traditional security onto virtual workloads

    Traditional endpoint security was not built for virtualization, causing security gaps and performance issues

Go Beyond Conventional. Discover Layered Next-Generation Defense

All major industry analysts encourage businesses to consider a multi-layer security strategy, that also encompasses next-generation, fileless detection technologies, and deem it essential in ensuring adequate protection against today’s new breed of cyber-threats.

Layered next generation defenses are able to halt attacks in multiple stages, therefore ensuring that every breed of cyber-threats can be stopped before it impacts an organization, without requiring external assistance. Bitdefender displays one of the market’s most comprehensive collection of prevention, detection and response technologies, and features multiple proprietary machine learning algorithms that run powerful dynamic analysis to debunk sophisticated breaches. All Bitdefender technologies were built to work in unison and collaborate any incipient attacks and breach attempts.


renforcement & contrôle

Patch Management

Gestion des correctifs

Maintient les OS et les Applications à jour sur toute la base d'installation Windows.

Full-Disk Encription

Chiffrement de disque

Protège les données de tout le disque dur de l'endpoint. Gestion centrale de Windows (Bitlocker) et Mac (Filevault).

Web-Thraet Protection

Protection contre les menaces Web

Application Control

Contrôle des applications

Seules les applications autorisées fonctionneront

Device Control

Contrôle des appareils

Limite le nombre d'appareils autorisés à se connecter




Détection à la pré-exécution

Signature & Cloud Lookup

Signature & recherche dans le cloud

Local & Cloud ML

Local & ML dans le Cloud

Détection prédictive des malwares inconnus; Analyse dynamique des fichiers basée sur des milliers d'échantillons; Informations sur les menaces venant de plus de 500 millions d'endpoints dans le monde entier

HyperDetect Tunable ML

HyperDetect - Machine Learning paramétrable

Couche de Machine Learning réglable, détecte les menaces complexes. Bloque les outils de piratage, les attaques sans fichier, les malware zero-day, et plus encore

Sandbox Analyzer

Sandbox Analyzer

Envoie des fichiers malveillants pour détonation et analyse et fournit un verdict en temps réel. Détecte les exploits zero-day & les attaques ciblés; Prévention en temps réel avec envoi automatique; Analyse une fois, blocage au niveau de l'entreprise

Hypervisor Introspection

Hypervisor Introspection

détection à l'exécution & après l'exécution



Se concentre sur les outils d'attaque et les techniques de détection des exploits zero-day et des connus qui ciblent les applications logicielles les plus populaires.

Process Inspector

Process Inspector

Détection en temps réel basé sur le comportement; Surveille tous les procédés en fonctionnement dans le système d'exploitation, et si le procédé est jugé malveillant, il sera supprimé.

Event Recorder

Enregistreur d'évènements

Threat Analytics

Analyse sur les menaces

& répondre

Action automatique

Access Blocking

Blocage d'accès


Mise en quarantaine

Disinfection and Removal

Désinfection & suppression

Process Termination

Arrêt des processus

Stoppe automatiquement les processus sur la base de l'analyse de leur comportement



Annulation des modifications malveillantes

Investigation & réponse

IoC Lookup

Recherche d'IoC


Liste des fichiers bloqués

Network Isolation

Isolement du réseau






rapports & alertes

Dashboards and Reports

Tableaux de bord & rapport



SIEM Integration

Intégration SIEM

API Support

Support des API

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From File To Fileless. A Tectonic Perspective Shift

Powershell, scripts, fileless malware are the new hype tools in an attackers arsenal, due to their impressive ability to gain entrance or maintain persistence inside an organization. Unlike file-based attacks, fileless attacks gain control of your infrastructure without downloading malicious files or writing content to disk and require sophisticated, next-gen security technologies to sniff them out before they can execute the attack.

See how Bitdefender outperforms competition in fileless detection independent test results.

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Protection against fileless cybersecurity threats

Machine Learning réglable

Bitdefender boost a proprietary HyperDetect technology that enables next-gen dynamic analysis and customizable machine learning to close the door on fileless attacks, custom malware and zero-days without spiking false positives.

HyperDetect collaborates with Bitdefender’s additional signature-less technologies such as Memory Protection or Advanced Threat Control, and stands out thanks to its unique ability to toggle machine learning aggressiveness towards severe threat categories, such as targeted attacks and exploits.

IDC - Hypervisor Introspection for Advanced Cyber Attacks Detection

Beyond NGAV. Security Outside The OS.

Zero-days and kernel-level exploits top the list of the most challenging threats to detect in time to prevent a breach, with prices spiking up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for such advanced exploits on the black market.

Bitdefender introduces a new way to secure against this highly sophisticated attacks with agentless hypervisor introspection, which protect workloads from outside the operating system, where no attacker, no matter how sophisticated, can hide its tracks.

This solution is complementary to any endpoint security solution, and works to enhance security against this high-end breed of attacks


500 Million Global Sensors Network. Effective Worldwide Defenses.

ENISA’s 2017 Cyber Threat Landscape Report singled three Chinese and Russian cyber-espionage groups among the most active and dangerous in 2017. The wider a vendor’s sensor web is, the more effective it is in detecting attacks originating from different parts of the world.

Bitdefender has one of the largest sensor network in the world, with over of 500 million protected endpoints balanced across 150 countries, which enables our technologies to stop attacks originating in any part of the world.


GravityZone Ultra - XDR

GravityZone Ultra (XDR)

Architecture multi-couches Next-Gen qui fournit prévention, détection, remédiation et visibilité au sein d’une seule et unique platefome modulaire.

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GravityZone Elite Security - HD

GravityZone Elite Security (HD)

Une solution conçue pour protéger les déploiements sur site en assurant prévention, détection, remédiation et visibilité au sein d’une seule et unique platefome modulaire.

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Hypervisor Introspection - HVI

Hypervisor Introspection (HVI)

Bitdefender HVI uniquely fortifies datacenter infrastructure against zero-day, kernel-level exploits and other advanced targeted attack techniques through live memory introspection at the hypervisor level.

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